The Casper Police Department and the Natrona County School District have notified parents about a nation-wide social media trend that, allegedly, encourages students to threaten violence towards their schools.

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According to media releases from both the CPD and the NCSD, this trend (which seems to have spread via Snapchat and TikTok) encourages students to "make threats of violence to school tomorrow, December 17, 2021."

While the CPD reports that no threats have been made to schools within the City of Casper as it relates to this trend, but both police and school officials will remain cautious.

"The Casper Police Department takes all threats of violence to our schools extremely seriously," a release from the CPD read. "The Department will pursue appropriate criminal charges for individuals responsible for making threats of violence towards schools."

Tanya Southerland with the Natrona County School District confirmed there have been no active threats to schools in Casper, but noted that there will be an increased law enforcement presence across the district as a precautionary measure. She stated that the NCSD is working directly with the Casper Police Department and will continue to monitor and investigate any potential school safety concerns.

“We would like to remind all individuals, regardless of age, that a violent threat toward a school is illegal,” said Casper Police Department School Resource Sergeant Scott Jones. “The Casper Police Department will vigorously investigate any claim of violence and hold the person responsible for the threat accountable. In Wyoming, that means a felony arrest for making a terroristic threat. We find this and similar trends highly disturbing and encourage all parents and guardians to have a conversation with their children about the real life consequences as result of these trends.”

Southerland said the NCSD will provide updates and information as applicable.

"Please, if you or your student is aware of any suspicious activity or social media posts identifying potential violence, report it immediately to local law enforcement and/or school officials," Southerland stated. "We encourage parents and guardians to take this opportunity to talk with your student about the seriousness and resulting school and legal consequences of making any kind of threat, and about the appropriate use of social media."

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