The Casper Police Department recently took to their social media pages to recognize the years of service of several of their team members, including Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters.

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"The Casper Police Department would like to take moment to recognize Chief Keith McPheeters, Officer Craig Morrison, and Sergeant Mitch Hill for their years of service with the Department," the CPD wrote on their Facebook page.

According to the post, Officer Morrison has been with the Casper Police Department for 10. years.

Sergeant Mitch Hill has been with the department for 15 years, and Chief McPheeters has been with the Casper Police Department for 5 years.

Each of these men, the post stated, have acted in faithful service to the department.

So, too, have Lead Dispatcher Jill Hickstein, Officer Craig Burns, and Detective Fetter.

The CPD also celebrated these three.

Both Officer Burns and Detective Fetter have been with the Casper Police Department for 10 years. But it's Lead Dispatcher Jill Hickstein who is the real veteran of the force. She has been with the Casper Police Department, and the Casper Public Safety Communication Center, for 20 years!

Each and every one of these individuals have given their hearts and souls to the force, and each have proven themselves to be integral members of the Casper Police Department.

Sergeant  Hill was quick to comment on how much of an honor it is to serve the community of Casper.

"Being born and raised as a Casper native, and with how much I've enjoyed being in Casper my whole life, the least I could is give back to the community that's been so good to me," Sgt. Hill told K2 Radio News. "My time with the PD has been wonderful. I've done everything from patrol work, to undercover narcotics, to now being a patrol sergeant; they've given me a lot of opportunities that have made me successful in my career. And, at the end of the day, I've gotta thank the community for everything they've done to support us and make this profession as enjoyable as it can be."

In his 15 years, Sgt. Hill has learned many lessons; the biggest of which is this:

"This job is strenuous," he said. "It's not a sprint; it's a marathon. Take every day with a gran of salt and just keep chugging a long. Don't let this job ruin you...mentally or physically."

That's advice that all officers could take, at any level. It's something that all of us could take, period. There's a job and there's the rest of your life. Hill said it's important not to let one override the other. And it's that attitude that has led him to 15 years with the CPD.

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