The City of Casper will soon need a new Chief to oversee the Police Department.

Current Police Chief Chris Walsh has announced that he will be retiring in early February.

"Timing it's perfect, personally it's perfect, professionally the department is in outstanding shape. The endeavors that I'm going to go into, are in the private life. Have some excellent opportunities, that have come forward, that I just can't pass up."

Chief Walsh has been in his current position since 2011, and has been on the force for 23 years.

He says during his time as Chief, the department has improved in both the number of officers working, and in performance.

"We were in an extremely huge manpower deficit. We were always behind the curve, we were never up to staffing. We've been overstaffed for a little over a year and a-half. We've maintained quality people, and we've maintained a method to keep them in place, so that the department is not always trying to catch up."

Chief Walsh grew up in Casper, and is a Kelly Walsh High School graduate.

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