Casper police officers arrested a man on felony drug charges last week after a home compliance check led them to discover a number of controlled substances inside his residence.

Scott Dillinger Lamb, 21, was booked into jail on recommended charges of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, a Casper police detective assisted Wyoming Probation and Parole agents with a compliance check at an apartment in the 1900 Block of South Missouri. The check, which was for another person living at the address, revealed several bongs and marijuana pipes in plain view around the apartment.

Lamb was subsequently identified as the owner of a safe found in the apartment. Inside the safe, which Lamb voluntarily opened, officers located 3.6 ounces of marijuana, 5.4 grams of ecstasy pills, 3.2 grams of acid tabs and a shard of "honey oil" for dabbing. Lamb reportedly claimed ownership of the drugs.

The other man allegedly admitted that he had "middled" 20 to 26 drug deals for Lamb in which marijuana or LSD changed hands.

Lamb allegedly told police that he first started selling marijuana and LSD while attending Roosevelt High School in Casper. Lamb said that his sales intensified beginning in January 2018 and didn't slow down until his arrest.

Lamb reportedly said that he sold one quarter to one half of a pound of marijuana each month, along with 40-100 acid tabs. He sold the acid for $10 per tab and told police that two of his regular customers were students at Kelly Walsh High School.

While holding down a job, Lamb told police, he was able to bring in roughly $800 per week from the drug sales.

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