Three people were arrested Tuesday after a 911 hangup call led Casper police officers to find methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia inside a home where six children were present.

Brandon Robert Debyah, 23, and Bianca J. Curtin, 27, were each booked into jail on recommended charges of methamphetamine possession, marijuana possession and six counts of child endangerment with drugs, in addition to a warrant for failure to appear.

Keynna Louise Brassfield, 46 was booked into jail on a recommended charge of methamphetamine possession and six counts of child endangerment with drugs.

Police officers went to a home in the 3200 Block of Quivera River Road after a child called 911 and hung up. The child reported that a boy was "putting hands" on a woman.

The responding officer couldn't hear any disturbance when he arrived in the area, so he started knocking on doors. Shortly after he knocked on the door of a home in the 3200 Block of Indian Scout Drive, Debyah exited the residence and spoke with the officer.

Debyah explained that one of the children inside, a girl, had walked in on him and Curtin as they were preparing to be intimate with one another. Because Curtin had a history of abusive relationships, the child was afraid and called 911.

Brassfield's adult son arrived shortly thereafter and said that his mother, Debyah and Curtin live at the residence with six children. He allowed the officer to enter the home and check on everyone inside.

Dispatch advised the officer that Debyah and Curtin were wanted out of Mills. They each consented to a search, police say.

Inside the bedroom shared by Debyah and Curtin, officers allegedly found several marijuana pipes as well as a backpack which contained methamphetamine paraphernalia.

Debyah and Curtin claimed that the children couldn't get into the room because of a lock on the door, but they couldn't explain how the girl had walked in on them earlier.

All six children were taken into protective custody and placed with family members by the Wyoming Department of Family Services.

Debyah and Curtin were arrested. After obtaining a search warrant for the rest of the home, officers allegedly found additional methamphetamine paraphernalia and a small baggie of suspected marijuana inside the shared bedroom.

In Brassfield's room, police officers allegedly found methamphetamine crystals. A search of the garage reportedly turned up additional meth pipes.

Brassfield denied knowledge of the methamphetamine in her bedroom, saying she had been out of town but had returned home two weeks prior. She allegedly admitted that she smoked meth within the previous several days.

Police say Debyah, Curtin and Brassfield have no significant history of drug convictions.

Brassfield's son reportedly appeared intoxicated, but police decided against arresting him. He was left at the home to care for the numerous animals inside.

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