Below is a list of people who have recently been arrested and booked into the Natrona County Detention Center. This list is compiled from logs released to media by the Natrona County Sheriff's Office.

This log may not reflect all arrests for this time period. For example, police will not release any information about juvenile arrests. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the defendant is arraigned in district court.

Everyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The charges listed here are what the arresting agency has recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney's Office. However, formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of arrested people and their charges as reflected in the logs:

  • Marc Alden -- public intoxication
  • Joseph Anderson -- courtesy hold, failure to comply
  • Alana Archuleta -- hold for probation and parole
  • Steven Baros -- criminal warrant
  • Gaylin Carson -- battery
  • Dustin Chase -- aggravated assault, failure to comply
  • Ronald Condelario -- serve jail time
  • Brandy Cook -- controlled substance possession, methamphetamine possession
  • Chamise Covington -- failure to comply
  • Russell Frerichs -- public intoxication
  • Darran Gilmore -- criminal warrant
  • John Goodman -- contract hold/billing
  • Joseph Guillen -- public intoxication prohibited
  • Zachary Hammond -- serve jail time
  • Daniel Harris -- public intoxication
  • Lincoln Harris -- public intoxication, liquor law/minor in possession
  • Tristan Holden -- hold for probation and parole
  • Shaun Hooper -- resisting arrest
  • Scott Johnson -- probation revocation by police officer, reckless endangering, controlled substance possession
  • Scott Kroll -- public intoxication prohibited
  • Anthony Lamb -- district court bench warrant
  • Adam Lopez -- driving while under the influence, insurance liability, traffic ordinance
  • Ambrose Magnan -- courtesy hold
  • Sean Maher -- county warrant, criminal warrant
  • Bryson Manthei -- hold for probation and parole
  • John Mates -- failure to comply
  • Brittney Melton -- parks-alcohol and public intoxication
  • Bryce Miller -- driving while under the influence, driving while license suspended
  • Jordan Mitchell -- public intoxication prohibited
  • Shawn Newport -- criminal warrant x2, controlled substance possession
  • Sunshine Oldman -- driving while under suspension
  • Larz Parker -- controlled substance possession, failure to appear
  • Guinnevere Paxton -- county warrant/hold for agency
  • Edward Peru -- driving while under the influence
  • Ryan Pittsley -- driving while under the influence
  • Jeremy Poole -- driving while under the influence, open container inside vehicle
  • Jeffrey Reed -- disturbing the peace
  • Nicholas Rosas -- liquor law/minor attempted purchase, liquor law/minor in possession
  • Virginia Smith -- marijuana possession, driving while license suspended
  • Shyla Smith-Hoffman -- driving while under the influence
  • Jenna Spurlock -- domestic assault, breach of peace
  • Alonzo Tabaho -- courtesy hold
  • Nicholas Tabler -- pedestrian under the influence
  • Bret Taucher -- driving while under the influence
  • Gareth Thomas -- driving while under the influence
  • Kevin Ujvary -- driving while under the influence, disturbing the peace, insurance violation, resisting arrest, public intoxication prohibited
  • Christy Webster -- hold for circuit court
  • Michelle Williams -- criminal warrant
  • Tyrell Wimer -- criminal warrant
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