The driver arrested in the tragic crash that killed a pedestrian in downtown Casper Tuesday left Facebook posts just prior to the incident.

38 year-old Scott Coleman's Facebook post at 7:44 am Tuesday, about an hour before the crash, indicate a desire to take a moral stand against local clubs featuring female strippers. In an online post entitled, "Bring It", Coleman writes at length about his anger at Sonny Pilcher, owner of "Cowboys". He also targets "Northern Dreams" in his online post.

"I've told Sonny Pilcher what I think about Cowboys, and what I think needs to be done. Today I go stand for our sisters who are being defiled at this pit."

"If you are a friend or a fan of Northern Dreams, or Cowboys, and you wanna talk to me. I will be as close to his property as I can get without breaking the law. I will have a sign. I encourage you to come out and talk,"

[UPDATE: Coleman's Facebook page was taken down following his arrest.]

Coleman, a social worker at Central Wyoming Rescue Mission, allegedly drove a GMC pickup truck, just before 9 am , eastbound on CY Ave where he was first spotted by a Highway Patrol Officer. Coleman was alleged to have been driving at speeds of up to 100 mph down Center Street.  He then hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk before plowing into the Goodstein building.  An 18 year-old male pedestrian was killed.

A post to Colemans Facebook page followed Tuesday evening.

"I knew there had to be something seriously wrong for you. I only wish instead of just a message on your phone and on your Facebook I would have asked someone to go find you. I love you and I know how you will be hurting,,,,,,,,,I am only sorry I didn't do more!!!!!!"

Police reports indicate Coleman was arrested for DUI, homicide by vehicle, vandalism and destruction of property. Official Charges will come this afternoon following an initial appearance.

The Central Wyoming Rescue Mission issued a statement regarding the incident.