Casper Fire-EMS is urging safety from area haunted house and maze operators next month.

Fire inspector Dean Jackett says all Casper-based haunted houses and mazes must be inspected and permitted by the department before opening. Floor plans must also be submitted to Casper Fire-EMS at least 10 days before the structure’s planned open date.

“Then, we do an inspection of the operation after they get the haunted house built to ensure that, one, the safety of the individuals going through the haunted house has been taken into account, and to make sure that they’re not going to have any probable fire events,” Jackett said.

Jackett says fire inspectors will be looking for several safety features.

“There are requirements for some fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and staff members standing by with oversight of the operation,” Jackett said. “Also, (we’ll be looking for) flashlights that can turn on in case the power is lost in whatever facility they plan to be in.”

Jackett also says all haunted house materials must have flame retardant properties. Open flames will also not be permitted.

Casper Fire-EMS also requires “no smoking” signs to be posted at the structure’s entrance. A similar announcement must also be made to patrons before they can enter the haunted house.

Fire inspectors will also not allow the use of plastic sheeting unless inspectors are given documentation from the manufacturer that indicates the material has flame retardant properties.

A haunted house application can be found at the Casper Fire-EMS website.

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