Casper Fire-EMS put out a fire that spread to two houses in Paradise Valley on Wednesday afternoon, according to a news release from the department.

Fire crews responded to a call about a wildland fire between two houses in the 2100 block of Lilac at 3:45 p.m., according to the news release from Andrew Sundell.

They found the fire was beginning to burn into two separate houses.

After ensuring the occupants were out of the houses, the crews entered them to prevent the fire from spreading.

Secondary crews arrived and began to attack the exterior wildland fire, and extinguish it before it caused major damage inside the houses.

One person at the scene complained of respiratory issues and was examined by Wyoming Medical Center paramedics. The patient was treated on scene and did not require hospitalization.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.  Additional details will be released when they become available.

The Natrona County Fire Protection District assisted with the interior firefighting on one structure, and a U.S. Bureau of Land Management fire crew helped extinguish the wildland fire.

The Casper Fire-EMS Department reminds people the hot, dry conditions can cause fires to ignite easily and spread quickly. Tall or uncut vegetation around houses and other structures will become a danger if it catches fire.

The department offers these guidelines to protect your home:

  • Everything within 30 feet of your house should be landscaped. This is a good area for a mowed grass lawn and stone or concrete patios.
  • Shrubs and small bushes should be kept under 18 inches.
  • As trees grow, keep the lower branches trimmed so that nothing is closer than 10 feet to the ground.
  • Avoid using bark or wood chips for landscaping close to your house.
  • For more home fire protection suggestions, visit the Firewise Wyoming website.