Christmas is on its way and it feels like nothing could go wrong! Except, it could. And sometimes it does. And that's why Casper Fire-EMS is offering a few holiday weekend safety tips for Casper families and businesses to ensure that Christmas weekend goes off without a hitch.

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"The record-breaking cold has, of course, caused some serious problems in and around Casper," Casper Fire-EMS wrote on their Facebook page. "Casper Fire-EMS units have responded to at least 9 commercial fire alarms over the past 24 hours, with at least 5 different building systems experiencing broken pipes and leaking water. Casper Fire-EMS is working with facility managers and contractors to minimize interruptions during this Christmas weekend."

Because of the effects that this winter storm has brought, Casper Fire-EMS has offered some tips on how to stay safe and warm this Christmas.

"Heat safely," they warned. "Keep heating appliances/accessories clear 3 feet in all directions."

That means keep your blankets away from electric heaters, keep your presents away from fireplaces, etc.

Casper Fire-EMS also warned that if you're heading outside, keep off of ice, as best you can. They stated that water levels, as well as temperatures, change often which results in unseen weak areas. That's where black ice comes in.

They also suggest that you monitor your holiday cooking, which means staying in the kitchen when using high-heat cooking.

You should also let your guests know where your exits are at. Casper Fire-EMS suggests familiarizing them with two ways out of your home, if there are any.

Finally, when it comes to traveling, Casper Fire-EMS cautioned drivers to "use abundant caution while traveling. Conditions change rapidly - check road reports often and carry an emergency kit."

All great suggestions and that's not all Casper Fire-EMS offered. They also offered some winter storm tips for businesses and facilities.

'Check your water lines," they wrote. "Both domestic and fire suppression. If frozen, call a licensed plumber and/or your suppression system contractor immediately."

Casper Fire-EMS also wrote that if you haven't checked your building since the winter weather began, you should. Immediately.

They also suggested maintaining warm air (above 55 degrees) in all areas with water pipes.

"Heat Safely!" Casper Fire-EMS wrote. "Keep space heaters clear 3 feet in all directions. If using fuel-oil heaters, increase spacing and supervise constantly."

They also stated that you should NEVER use open flame devises to thaw frozen pipes, so keep your flame thrower in the closet.

Finally, Casper Fire-EMS suggested that you check your building periodically throughout the weekend. Yes, it's Christmas. But you don't want to come into work on Monday with frozen pipes or a flooded (or burned down) building.

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