Monday, the moon blocks the sun.

Thursday, the Casper Police Department blocks some downtown streets through Tuesday morning for the Eclipsefest, according to the department's Facebook page.

So stay alert for signs and traffic cones about these parked streets:

  • North David Street between West First Street and West B Streets will be closed to vehicle traffic to allow parking for public safety personnel and their equipment. If you need to visit the police department at the Hall of Justice for a Vehicle Identification Number check between now and Tuesday, park on either West A Street or West B Street.
  • South David Street between West Midwest Avenue and West Second Street will be closed to parking.
  • South Ash Street between West Midwest Avenue and Industrial Avenue will be closed to parking.
  • Second Street from South Oak Street to South Kimball Street will be closed at midnight today.

Besides the street closures, the Casper Police Department offers these safety tips, too:

  • Do not leave valuables unsecure.
  • Lock vehicles, including campers, at all times.
  • Put valuables in the trunk or out of sight.
  • Open containers are illegal in the city unless they are in a designated permit area.
  • It is against the law to be publicly intoxicated in the city.
  • Marijuana is illegal in Wyoming. Wyoming does not
    recognize any State's Medical Marijuana Card.

For any non-emergency event please call 307-235-8278.

Casper police officers will ride bicycles and walk around during the Eclipsefest, according to a news release. "Our goal is to be more interactive with our visitors and the community during this exciting time!"

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