The city of Casper will not proceed with the construction of a new ski patrol and maintenance building at Hogadon Ski Area – at least, not yet.

During its Tuesday work session, Casper City Council decided to take a wait-and-see approach in regard to future new construction at Hogadon. That pathway was chosen after the estimated cost for the new building came back approximately three times over the expected $460,000 budget.

Casper mayor Paul Meyer agrees that work must be put into Hogadon after years of neglect, but he also says he wants to see more-accurate cost estimates and a longer time frame before proceeding with a long-term improvement plan.

“It has taken that resort 30 years to get to where it’s at, I don’t necessarily say it should take 30 more years to get it back, but it’s not the type of thing where the world will stop spinning if we don’t get it done next year,” Meyer said.

Meyer says the city will now turn the project back to Hogadon user groups and city recreation officials for their opinion on what costs can be cut. The city may then turn the project over to a private architectural firm.

Council recently had to reevaluate a plan to reconstruct Mike Sedar Pool after bids came back significantly higher than that project's approved $1.9 million budget. One early-round low bid came in over the $5 million mark.

The city was aiming to construct the new building with 2014 one-cent funds and with funds approved in 2013.

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