The city of Casper will postpone plans to reconstruct a public swimming pool on Casper's south end.

On Tuesday, Casper City Council decided to take a wait-and-see approach after Mike Sedar Pool reconstruction bids came back significantly higher than the project's $1.9 million budget, with one of the early-round low bids eclipsing the $5 million mark.

City officials say they'll now keep a close eye on the Natrona County School District's $33 million bond election, which - if approved by county voters in May - includes funds earmarked for swimming facility improvements at both Casper-area high schools.

Casper mayor Paul Meyer says that decision, however, will keep Mike Sedar Pool closed for the time being. He says city officials will now view the project as a priority for next fiscal year’s one-cent cycle – if voters decide to pass the sales tax again this November.

“I’m really sorry that it panned out that there won’t be (a new pool) on the ground this spring,” Meyer said. “I supported moving forward with trying to attain that goal, but council does not (want to move forward), and I respect that.”

The current low bid, which has been made by Salt Lake City-based Interwest Construction, is just over $3.5 million, but doesn't include the construction of certain play facilities. Additional value engineering would drop the price tag down to around $3.2 million, but would decrease the height of the water slide tower and completely remove the lazy river.

Only three councilors on Tuesday wanted to move forward with the reduced Mike Sedar Pool plans – Meyer, Charlie Powell and Kenyne Schlager.

The six other councilors – Paul Bertoglio, Craig Hedquist, Steve Cathey, Keith Goodenough, Bob Hopkins and Daniel Sandoval – opted to delay construction at the site.

City officials were hoping to open the new pool this spring.

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