The Natrona County School District will pursue a $33 million bond election later this year to try to pay for school facility improvements not covered by the state of Wyoming.

District trustees unanimously approved the language of the bond question during Monday night's regular meeting.

If approved, the district will put roughly $15 million toward the construction of a science and technology center and the purchase of security and educational equipment. The district will also allocate roughly $16 million toward the construction of a new swimming pool at Natrona County High School and pool renovation efforts at Kelly Walsh High School and Midwest High School.

District officials say the bond will be repaid over a period of about 12 years. For residential landowners within the county, it will have a yearly tax impact of $21.66 per $100,000.

Board chairperson Dave Applegate says the enhancements are needed to boost the educational experience of Natrona County students.

“We have an opportunity to really leave a legacy set of facilities,” Applegate said. “This is our moment in time to complete this construction of a new high school system – these enhancements are a part of that, and I think we’ll be proud of the finished projects when they’re done.”

County residents will vote on the bond question on May 6.

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