Dane Andersen with Casper Fire-EMS has confirmed to K2 Radio News that no hazardous material has been found in the area. Evacuations have been lifted and a media release will follow, explaining the situation

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Casper Fire-EMS is currently on scene assisting the Casper Police Department with an active investigation.

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That's according to Dane Andersen, Engineer and Public Information Officer with Casper Fire-EMS, who stated that the Casper Fire-EMS HAZMAT Specialists are assisting in the investigation.

"It was at 2:31 p.m. that Casper Fire-EMS received the call to assist an active police investigation on the 1700 block of Cody Avenue," Andersen told K2 Radio News. "So that's where we are right now. We do have units on scene. The reason we were called is for our fire-ems support, but our firefighters who are trained as hazardous materials technicians also assist in staffing the State of Wyoming Department of Homeland Security Regional Response Team Number Two."

"Now," Andersen continued. "That's a lot of words for just more specialized HAZMAT equipment - detection and verification instruments that aren't normally carried on firetrucks. So as part of this ongoing police investigation, we're standing by in case they might need that."

Andersen couldn't yet say exactly what the investigation consists of.

"Right now, it's honestly too early in the investigation to even form an idea of what we may or may not be dealing with," Andersen stated. "Casper Police are being methodical and taking their time, being cautious working this scene. So as soon as we get more information about what it is on the law enforcement side of things, we'll try to get that out as best we can."

For now, people are encouraged to avoid the area of Cody Avenue. The area is shut down from Belair to Desmet.

"There have been a couple evacuations on Cody Avenue and Kit Carson as well," Andersen said. "And what we're telling folks is that if nobody has specifically told you to evacuate, you don't have to evacuate. You're just advised to stay put or avoid the area if nobody has been in direct contact with you."

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