Two Wyoming men are dead after being struck by an SUV in Thayne Friday night, according to the highway patrol.

The crash happened around 10:22 p.m. near milepost 99.95 on U.S. 89 (Main Street).

According to a crash summary, a GMC Yukon was headed south when 59-year-old Phillip Pinney and 57-year-old James Booher Jr. stepped out from in front of a parked van that was blocking the driver's view and entered the southbound lane.

"They entered the lane of travel walking at a southbound angle across the roadway, with their backs toward the southbound traffic," the summary reads.

The Yukon driver reportedly hit their brakes and swerved to the left to avoid hitting the men but was unsuccessful.

The Yukon driver was not injured in the crash.

Pinney and Booher are the sixth and seventh pedestrians to be killed on Wyoming's highways so far this year.

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