A police officer in Greybull is being credited with saving a man's life.

According to Greybull Police, Officer Drew Patrick responded to a report of an unresponsive man in his 20s. When Patrick arrived, CPR was being performed on Nicholas "Nicky" Murdoch.

Patrick connected a LIFEPAK CR2 AED system to shock Murdoch and then continued CPR. Within minutes, Murdoch became responsive and he was flown to the Billings Clinic and has since returned to Greybull.

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According to Murdoch, he was life-flighted to Billings only three days prior due to diabetic ketone acidosis.

Murdoch said he had to be shocked three times the night he was taken in the hospital. He was released from the ICU with everything looking normal.

Fortunately, Murdoch planned to stay the night with his mom so she could keep an eye on him. First, they went over to Murdoch's to pick up some items for his stay.

"Next thing I knew, I woke up with a lot of strange faces around me. My brother was on the scene within minutes, and he being a previous AEMT, knew what to do on his dead, or dying brother," Murdoch said. "They (the Greybull Police Department) then hooked up the AED and administered to shocks to me, where I shot up instantly and asked what was going on.

"Without an AED, and the help of my brother and the Grey Police Department, I would have died waiting 20-plus minutes for the ambulance to arrive on the scene."

Prior to his death, Murdoch's father served as fire chief in Greybull.

Murdoch says his father always advocated to get AEDs in police cars as police are nearly always the first to arrive on the scene.

"In a way, I was saved by my dad being an advocate for the police department and local EMTs," Murdoch said.

Since his brush with death, Murdoch has undergone heart surgery as well as having a defibrillator put in his chest.

According to police, the Wyoming Office of Emergency Medical Services received a $4.2 million grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust to equip all Wyoming law enforcement vehicles with state-of-the-art AEDs.

The AED the Greybull Police Department utilized in saving Murdoch's life was one of those.

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