Eastridge Mall

A Casper woman has been arrested on a charge of felony shoplifting after allegedly stealing over $1600 worth of merchandise from department stores in Casper.

22-year-old Kendra Leigh Horn was arrested after officers responded to the Eastridge Mall after receiving a call regarding a woman shoplifting clothing items.

Horn had recently been released from prison after being charged with forgery and check fraud. At the residence where she was staying, witnesses told police that they had observed Horn coming home with garbage bags full of new clothes and shoes.

When officers first questioned Horn, she told them that she had purchased some of the clothes during sales and had received the other clothing items from friends and Goodwill.

After further questioning, Horn admitted to stealing most of the items over the last few weeks from Sears, Macy's, JC Penny, Kmart and Target.

The clothes were returned to the victim stores and Horn was arrested on charges of felony shoplifting.

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