According to a post to their Facebook page, the Walmart Supercenter in Casper on CY Avenue will be temporarily closed starting 2 p.m. on Oct. 13 for "additional cleaning, sanitizing and stocking."

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They will reopen on Oct. 15 at 6 a.m., however the pharmacy drive through and curbside pickup will remain open during normal hours while the store is closed.

Kimo Mailo, manager for the CY Walmart, said that they are going to be cleaning every cart and surface in the store due to high COVID-19 transmission in the area.

Mailo said the decision was made through a coordination between managers at the local level, his bosses in Cheyenne, and people at Bentonville Arkansas, where Walmart's headquarters are.

While Mailo would not say whether there have been any specific issues with employees contracting COVID-19, he said that it was "it's pretty well in line with the county number."

According to an assistant manager at the east side Walmart, who declined to be named, said there are no plans at this time for their store to close for something similar.

Tyler Thomason, senior manager for corporate communications with Walmart, said in an email that they use certain criteria to determine if a store should close for cleaning, something they haven't done for other stores in the area yet.

"We have a team at the Home Office that evaluates criteria related to stores and the communities we serve. When that data reaches certain thresholds, we make the decision to get ahead of the situation and proactively close the store for cleaning and sanitizing. Our other stores throughout the area will remain open at this time so that our customers can continue to shop for their essential needs. We’re monitoring our stores and making evaluations on a case-by-case basis, while continuing our cleaning and safety measures based on advice from health experts."


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