It is another winter in Wyoming. The storm clouds sit perched atop Casper Mountain. The wind whips and spins the snow into a billowing fog that drapes over the town. It is both beautiful and deadly.

In Casper, we are still digging out of the Christmas snow storm. Then the wild winds pick up, and we dig ourselves out of the snow drifts. It seems like Sisyphus but rather than a huge boulder that he pushes up a hill each night, it is piles of snow that we must dig out of.

These Wyoming winter storms have a beauty about them. Yes, they are cold and windy, but the storms literally shape our landscape. The winters in the Cowboy State have caused many to move elsewhere. It is a nuisance for automobiles and can be lethal to livestock if the correct measures aren't taken.

I decided to venture out and capture some of this winter wonderland. I drove up to the Casper Event Center. Then I headed up Poplar Street to where it turns into Garden Creek Road. I also wandered my way up to Casper College. I dared to approached the mountain ... or as far as it would let me. No matter which route I'd take, the road would eventually become engulfed with blowing snow.

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