A Jackson police officer went into a burning lodge and crawled beneath the smoke to evacuate a man who was passed out in a room adjacent to the blaze.

Dramatic body camera footage released by the Jackson Police Department shows the tense event, which took a little more than a minute.

The police officer, identified by the department as Officer Lancaster, ran up the steps of the Rusty Parrott Lodge late Monday to evacuate the last person inside the lodge. Police say that person was passed out in the room closest to the fire.

Several police officers and sheriff's deputies responded to the lodge, located at 175 N. Jackson Street, after the fire was reported.

Officer Lancaster crawled through thick smoke, pounded on the door and yelled for the man to get out.

"Officer Lancaster performed admirably and was calm under fire (pun intended)," the department said on its Facebook page. "With everyone's help they were able to evacuate the entire hotel and save lives."

The lodge suffered significant damage, according to news reports. Roughly 30 firefighters responded and the entire building was evacuated.

One firefighter was treated for a minor injury and released. No other injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire remained under investigation Tuesday morning.

"That's hometown hero stuff right there, people," the police department added regarding Officer Lancaster. "These are the kind of police officers you have working for your police department and each of them would run into a burning building to save you or someone you love."

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