A vehicle collided with a pedestrian on Wyoming Boulevard Friday night.

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That's according to Casper Police Department Sgt. Broneck, who told K2 Radio News that a collision occurred Friday evening at the intersection of Wyoming Boulevard and Legion Lane.

"At about 1815, we got a call for a pedestrian versus vehicle crash and Wyoming Boulevard and Legion Lane," Sgt. Broneck stated. "The vehicle stayed on-scene, as did the pedestrian, obviously."

According to Sgt. Broneck, the pedestrian was walking Easbound on Legion Lane, heading towards the Flying J Truck Stop.

"He hit the button, the light turned green, they start to cross, and the light starts turning again," Sgt. Broneck said. "One lane stopped to let him through, because they were trying to hurry up and let him cross because he ran out of time. The middle lane didn't see anything because they didn't realize there were people crossing, because they couldn't see. The male pedestrian ended up walking in front of the vehicle that hit him."

Sgt. Broneck stated that there were no signs of impairment with the driver, nor was speed a factor. The driver had a license and registration.

"We're looking at whether there's a pedestrian issue or not," Sgt. Broneck said. "They're actually still investigating that right now. We did call a crash investigator out as a precaution."

The pedestrian was taken to Banner Wyoming Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries.

"The male pedestrian who is at the hospital seems to be doing well," Sgt. Broneck revealed. "He's in good spirits. I didn't interview the driver, but he was pretty relieved that the pedestrian was okay."

The collision restricted traffic for close to two hours on Wyoming Boulevard, forcing the road to turn into a one-lane  road in order for police to get measurements and photographs of the scene.

Traffic resumed as normal at about 8:15 p.m.

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