Several law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the fatal shooting of a Casper man in front of his home Tuesday night, and they investigate themselves as well.

A Mills police officer shot and killed a man on North Fenway Street late Tuesday night after he shot up his next door neighbor's house.

The Mills officer, who was not hurt in the incident, has been placed on administrative leave, according to a news release from the Mills Police Department on Wednesday morning.

Police department protocols and procedures following officer-involved shooting incidents require the departments to immediately hand over the investigations to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, according to a news release from the Casper Police Chief Jim Wetzel on Wednesday morning.

Likewise, the Casper Police Department will conduct its own internal investigation, Wetzel wrote. No Casper officers have been placed on leave, he added.

Casper Police Capt. Steve Schulz was among the many officers who were at the scene near East First and East Fenway streets.

"On our part of it during that or shortly after that we in the department do an internal investigation on our policy and procedures and make sure that we're following and doing properly what needs to be done on our side," Schulz said.

Meanwhile, Wetzel asked the public for patience.

"The nature of these incidents, with the following investigations and the inherent scrutiny over actions, can be trying for everyone involved," he wrote. "I ask for the community to please be patient and keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers during this time."