Black Tooth Brewing Company, a Sheridan-based brewery that opened in 2010 will be opening a new, downtown Casper location in late 2021 and it will serve as the very first business of The Nolan, a 'mixed-use development in downtown Casper's historic Yellowstone District.'

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The Nolan is being developed by True Land & Realty and it will offer lease space for retail shops and restaurants, such as Black Tooth Brewing Company, as well as residential townhomes that will include 2-car garages and rooftop terraces.

"We want this to be a dynamic place where people can live, play, and work," Property and Real Estate Development Director Martin Axlund said.

Axlund stated that plans for The Nolan (named after the old Chevrolet dealership that once occupied the area) have been in development for a while, and that they hope to break ground in June and have the commercial space, that includes Black Tooth Brewing Company, set up by the end of 2021.

"We've been working on The Nolan for quite some time," he stated. "We were trying to find the right fit for not only the residential townhomes, but also for the commercial space. Development in downtown Casper in recent years has brought energy and life into the community we are proud to call home."

Of course, when looking towards the future of downtown Casper, it was important that Axlund and his team acknowledged the city's past, hence the name of the development.

"Nolan Chevrolet was housed in this area back in the 1920's, and we're trying to bring back some of that history and excitement of Casper's past and bring it back into a more relevant way in today's world," Axlund said. "With The Nolan, specifically, we're looking to restore a lot of those historical elements. I think our past is such an important key to knowing who we are today and The Nolan has been a unique project, because we've been able to bring some of those elements back to life. Whether it's the old ghost signs or something else, we're excited for everyone to be able to come into this building once it's done and see some of those elements that we've been able to bring back. We want to honor some of those echoes from the past, and people will definitely know there's some history and heritage to the location."

That location has, over the years, become somewhat of a hub in Casper. With the addition in recent years of the David Street Station, as well as The Gaslight Social, The Branding Iron, Yellowstone Garage joining previously established businesses such as The Office (formerly known as Karen and Jim's Restaurant), Metro Coffee Company, and more, downtown Casper has become the place to be. That makes the addition of The Nolan, along with Black Tooth Brewing Company, the perfect partnership.

"We're excited about this location. We're excited about our history and heritage. We're excited about its location next to David Street Station, which really is the heart of our community."

They are also excited about their partnership with Black Tooth Brewing Company. Tim Barnes, the Owner of Black Tooth Brewing Company, is excited as well.

Per a press release, "Black Tooth Brewing started in 2010 and has quickly become one of Wyoming’s iconic brands. The craft brewery opened a second location in Cheyenne in 2020. Today’s announcement of an opening in Casper will give Black Tooth a presence in Wyoming’s two largest cities in addition to its Sheridan headquarters. Their presence in the Nolan development will provide downtown Casper with a unique social atmosphere and serve up some of the state’s best craft beers."

“Black Tooth Brewing Company has been dedicated to brewing our award-winning craft beer over the last decade,” Barnes said in a press release. “We love The Nolan location and share a vision for improving downtown Casper and preserving historical elements of the iconic space. Plus, we’re going to create a great place for the community and its guests.”

Axlund agreed. He said "Black Tooth Brewing aims to be the face of Wyoming craft beer and we want The Nolan to be the face of a vibrant downtown Casper where people can live, work, and play."

For more information about retail leasing or residential properties, call Martin Axlund at 307-266-0415 or visit


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