An Australian Shephard from Central Wyoming is soon competing in the Westminster Dog Show.

Owner Shelby Shank says her pooch Sansa (named after the Game of Thrones character) is a "sassy little creature who has everyone around her right where she wants them."

A girl after our own hearts, she likes to sunbathe outside for hours on end and loves food -- so much so her parents "monitor the snacks she receives at work from delivery drivers."

Her normal diet is kibble made of game birds, chicken hearts and gizzards with pumpkin powder and kelp -- watered down with coconut oil and a dollop of fat free plain yogurt.

Sansa started getting trained when she was just eight weeks old. As an athlete, the gorgeous Shephard works out on a treadmill for 15 minutes every day as well as playing with her pals outside.

She'll be competing in Best of Breed for the Aussies. If she moves on she'll be judged in the Herding Group.

No sweat for this canine who competes twice a year at a national level.

She is a multiple National Premium Champion, National Pre-Show Best of Breed Winner, and Top Intact female in the finals for the past two years in a row.

Watch Sansa Compete at Westminster

Sansa competes Monday, May 13 at Westminster in New York; the next day she flies to the United States Australian Shephard Association Nationals Top 20.

On average she and her handler compete in at least three weekends at shows per year.

Most top dogs show every weekend, so Sansa is a well-accomplished canine for her limited showings.

"Some dog's don't have the drive to show like some, and boy! does she have it" says Mom.

Sansa knows when Shelby starts packing it's time to go to the show.

"When I show her I just have to hold on, she does the rest. In fact I have dropped her leash on accident in the ring and just kept going like naww we don't need that anyways. She just loves it, and really works for the wins" says Shelby.

The Australian Breed

Shelby has grown up around Aussies her whole life and says she will always have one. "They are magnificent dogs and a true working breed, so their movement is very important. They must be balanced and move at ease so they can work stock all day. Down and backs are judged on front and rear movement and if it converges correctly.

On the evaluations they look at eye shape, foot shape, how the neck comes into the shoulder, if they have a correct bite (teeth), as well as correct ear set. So much more to it then if they just look pretty."

Sansa comes from champion blood as her own mother and father are National Best of Breed Winners.

The Oil City Classic Dog Show 2023

The event is organized by the Central Wyoming Kennel Club.

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