Mayor Paul Meyer submitted his resignation at a Casper City Council work session late Tuesday afternoon before the council was about to take up a request for an investigation about whether he abused his power during an argument earlier in the month.

"I thought it would be in the best interest of the city, with only 36 days left in office that I just go ahead and step aside," Meyer said.

"I left it up to Council discretion to either, if there was anything to bring forward about this incident on Yellowstone if they wanted to accept my resignation. I recused myself from the meeting after that."

Meyer went home.

Soon thereafter, councilwoman Kenyne Schlager sent him an email saying that council unanimously voted to not accept the resignation, he said.

Council also unanimously voted to not consider councilman Craig Hedquist's request for an investigation whether Meyer abused his authority during an argument with some car guys in the 700 block of West Yellowstone on Nov. 1.

"So the whole thing's over," he said.

Hedquist himself was not at the work session, even though he requested this matter be put on the agenda.

"My council has decided it wants me back and I will serve out my 36 days in peace," Meyer said. "I'm thankful for that."

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