Casper City Council began the adult discussion of the one of the great Facts of Life two weeks ago when it held a public hearing about the bees.

Tuesday, it grapples with the other half of the Facts of Life when it holds a public hearing about the birds, specifically whether to allow chickens within city limits, according to the council agenda. The bimonthly meeting begins at City Hall at 6 p.m.

Fans of chickens have asked city officials to allow the birds within city limits, according to a memo to City Manager John Patterson from Community Development Director Liz Becher and Metro Animal Services Manager Tory Cutrell.

"Proponents of allowing chickens cite that chickens make low-impact and interesting pets, produce eggs that taste better and are healthier than factory produced eggs, eat bugs and pests, and the manure can be composted into nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the lawn and garden," Becher and Cutrell wrote.

Critics of urban chickens have raised concerns such as mice, odors, predators and some diseases, but reasonable regulations can address those concerns, they added.

If approved on third reading, the ordinance would limit the number of only hens to six on a residential property, generally ban roosters and hybrids, require enclosed and predator-resistant coops no larger than 60 square feet, require cleaning, prohibit butchering, and not override private covenants.

Besides the chicken ordinance, city council will conduct public hearings for zoning changes for properties at 315 E. 15th St., and a group of properties in the 1000 block of South Boxelder Street.

Council also will authorize a $2.4 million agreement with Knife River Inc., for the West Yellowstone Highway and Walnut Street reconstruction project, authorize the submission of a grant for $500,000 to the Wyoming Water Development Commission for the Platte River Revival River Restoration Project, authorize an agreement with Andreen Hunt Construction Amount for $239,000 for the Second Street Water Main Loop, and authorize an agreement with GPC Architects, LLC for $375,000 for the Hogadon Lodge Project.

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