For all those aspiring paleontologists, geologists, meteorologists or scientists, Saturday Club at Casper College's Tate Museum is back. And this Saturday is the first Saturday of the Month.

"Guys" includes both genders:

"Saturday Club is kind of an activity for kids that are between six and eight years of age for the little guys and eight and older for the bigger guys."

Lisa Icenogle, Casper College editor and news coordinator, says for the bigger kids, Paleontologist Ken Ford will present “Pleistocene Paleoclimates” (ply'sto seen payleeoclimates). Casper College Instructor Russell Hawley will occupy the younger group with science activities.

Age appropriate for kids:

"The we have a section for the littler guys and it just make for a really nice fast little hour for them, maybe give you a chance if you have to run some errands, parents can drop them off at 10:30 maybe pick them up at 11:30 and there you have it."

Saturday Club will be at the Tate Geological Museum, which has free admission always, but the fee for Saturday Club activities is five dollars per child.

Five dollars per attendee:

"We do this Saturday Club once a month, and it is traditionally the first Saturday of every month. The one for this month will happen this Saturday, 10:30 through 11:30, five dollars per kid, just bring your kid up, or kids, plock down the money and there you have it."