A paleontologist from Casper College discovered a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil in recent years, confirming it was a T Rex last year. J.P. Cavigelli of the Tate Geological Museum spoke with K2 Radio about the discovery and a hypothesis about the T Rex.

T Rex a scavenger discussion:

SANDOVAL: T Rex was not a predator. He was a scavenger and maybe he was scavenging on those triceratops and just scattering their bones everywhere.

CAVIGELLI: Yeah, could be, and I'm sure that if T Rex found one, he would eat it, but I'm sure he was also an active carnivore. I think the arguments made for it being a scavenger were pretty weak.

SANDOVAL: I heard that he had a huge olfactory system, and more like a vulture than a actual predator.

CAVIGELLI: Yeah but you can smell dead meat and you can smell live meat just as well. Who knows, maybe that big olfactory system was also for smelling out the females, smelling out the males, who knows.


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