Four grass fires and one blaze in an apartment since Saturday afternoon, each caused by humans, have authorities encouraging people to step up their fire awareness and prevention measures.

"Casper Fire-EMS wants to reinforce that conditions are exceptionally dangers for fires to start outdoors," the agency said Monday in a press release.

A few simple fire prevention methods can help folks stay safe throughout the fire season:

  • Properly discard smoking materials. Cigarettes, cigars or other substances should be disposed of in such a way as to ensure they are completely out and will not reignite.
  • No fireworks should be used. Period.
  • Extra attention should be devoted to educating children and removing the temptation to play with matches, lighters and other open-flame devices. The apartment fire on Sunday was started by a six-year-old playing with a lighter.
  • Vacant lots or grassy areas should be mowed short within a minimum of 10 feet around buildings and idle vehicles. A greater distance is even better, as dry grasses are particularly volatile and present a greater risk for fires as well as very rapid spread.
  • Clean up litter, junk, wood piles and other items that could serve as a source of fuel for an approaching fire.

Casper Fire-EMS reminds everyone to take responsibility for preventing fires in and around their homes.

More details and fire prevention methods are available at or the City of Casper Fire-EMS Facebook page.

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