A hearty Thanksgiving dinner may temporarily (we hope) clog your arteries, but don't let the grease from cooking it clog your and your city's wastewater pipes.

The City of Casper on Wednesday offered these handy household hints for what to do cleaning up after dinner.

"Grease and fat from turkey, bacon and other animals clog drains," the City said.

"After you’ve feasted, follow these easy steps to keep our drains clear and your basements from backing up":

  1. "Allow your grease to COOL.
  2. "CONTAIN your grease in a sealable container such as a mason jar or bottle.
  3. "TRASH the grease-filled container with all your other garbage.
  4. "Rinse dishes (hopefully by anyone who didn't have to cook).

You'll be thankful for clear pipes.

Happy Thanksgiving, Casper.

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