The Natrona County School District has announced that, following reports of a threat written on the bathroom stall at Kelly Walsh High School on Friday, another threat has been written, this time stating that the individual was going to blow the school up.

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"KWHS Administration is aware of a second graffiti/written statement on a bathroom stall with an alleged threat to the school," the Natrona County School District wrote in a message to parents. "This is different than the report received Friday of last week. KWHS Administration and the CPD School Resource Officer have investigated the writing and have not found evidence of a credible threat. KWHS will remain on heightened awareness, and law enforcement will continue to have an increased presence on campus tomorrow, December 13th."

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The NCSD wrote that it is imperative to both report and investigate all threats and safety concerns. They ensured students and parents that they have done so, giving it "the utmost attention, resources, and seriousness it deserves."

"Parents, we are asking that you please speak with your students about how serious it is to write or make threats like these on school property or anywhere," the NCSD wrote. "It is not a joke, and all threats, real or alleged, will and must be taken seriously. The disruption a rumored safety concern causes to student learning and the feeling of safety at school is extensive. If an individual is found to be responsible for writing these or any other threatening statements, school consequences will be aligned to the maximum extent under the District’s extreme behavior guidelines, which may include expulsion."

This new report comes after a Natrona County High School student was arrested last week for bringing a gun to the campus. The student was expelled, as well.

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The school district wrote that they appreciate those who report safety concerns to their school or community.

"If anyone is aware of who is responsible for writing these statements on the bathroom stalls or you have further information regarding an alleged safety concern, please contact Principal Mike Britt and/or the KWHS CPD School Resource Officer," the NCSD closed.

The Natrona County School District wrote that the above information was sent to Kelly Walsh parents and guardians, but that they were experiencing delays with their Infinite Campus system.

Students have begun taking pictures of the threats. One of the threats stated: I'm blowing this school up! At 9:50 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. on 12/13/22. F*ck Kelly Walsh."

Photo Courtesy of Kyrsten Smith Sneathen
Photo Courtesy of Kyrsten Smith Sneathen

The Casper Police Department shared the post from the Natrona County School District, and offered their own response regarding the situation.

"The Casper Police Department has been working in conjunction with the Natrona County School District and has found NO EVIDENCE OF A CREDIBLE THREAT at Kelly Walsh High School," the Casper Police Department wrote. "As always, we measure each threat independently, with great persistence, and to the fullest extent possible. We share the school district's message: Talk to your students about the seriousness of making threats, and the potential consequences they have for our community."

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