Two artists from Casper will perform at Casper College Friday evening. Dan and Patty Goble have gone on to stellar careers in the arts and they're in town for a Casper College distinguish alumni dinner, says Carolyn Deuel of Artcore, but after some arrangements, they agreed to a concert performance.

Hometown recognition:

"They're being honored with the distinguished alumn awards from Casper College and that ceremony and dinner will take place on the 22nd, but the college called and asked if there was a chance we could present them on the 21st."

Couple of Casper College alumns making it to the big time? Yes, actually.

Careers in the arts:

"This was the only weekend they could put their schedules together. The other possibility might've been on the 1st of October, but besides being with the symphony, Dan had to play with the New York Philharmonic on the Friday. The last show that Patty was in was How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and she did Phantom in Canada with Colm Wilkinson, so they are true Wyomingites that have gone out and done fabulous work."

Dan and Patty Goble will return to a familiar venue at Casper College this  (Friday) evening only.

Durham Hall:

"It's at 7:30 on the 21st in Durham Hall of the Aley Fine Arts Center of Casper College. It costs 13 dollars for adults, 12 for seniors, 7 for students and school teachers, 5 for twelve and under."

Tickets available at Ayres Jewelry, Hill Music, The Shade Tree, Cadillac Cowgirl and Sonic Rainbow.


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