In an effort to improve wildlife habit and prevent future fires on Casper Mountain and Muddy Mountain, the Bureau of Land Management will conduct a 473 acre prescribed starting Monday, May 7th.

BLM officials say the burn, some 15 miles southwest of Casper, will improve winter range for big game "as part of its objective to manage public lands for the benefit of current and future generations as it pursues its multiple-use mission," according to a release. It will also help to protect Casper Mountain and Muddy Mountain from future catastrophic fires. People in Casper and the surrounding areas will be able to see the smoke for several days, and are asked to refrain from calling 911.

More from the BLM:
"To achieve the goals, firefighters will ignite the 473 acre treatment area under controlled conditions with helicopters and by hand. The ignition phase could take several days to complete. Once ignitions are complete, the firefighters will closely monitor the progress of the fire to ensure that it remains within the treatment area as well as ensuring that it is meeting its goals. Smoke will likely be visible from Casper and the surrounding areas for several days."

If you have any questions about the prescribed fire, you can call Craig Short at (307) 261-7698. Those with wildlife questions related to the burn can contact Jim Wright at (307) 261-7506.

The BLM says the project is in participation with partners at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Office of State Lands and Investments, Wyoming State Forestry and private landowners.

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