The Casper College Veterans Club and Casper College today hosted a "Military Signing" for high school students who are enlisting in the armed forces.

The event took place at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, May 29 outside the Veterans Resource Center located in Walter H. Nolte Gateway Center.

All of these students will ship to Basic Training after graduation, unless they wen to basic training between their junior and senior year and will now go to AIT (Advanced Individual Training).

Phillip Young, the college's Veteran and Military Affiliated Student Services Coordinator, said of the group that they are making a decision that they may not fully understand the impact of just yet. He shared confidently that for him, joining the military was the best decision of his life.

"Godspeed through your journey and military career" said Young before calling up the first signees.

Military Signing Day at the Casper College 2023

Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore, TSM

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