Well, the weather outside was frightful but the fire was so delightful. And people certainly had a place to go, because they all ended up in Downtown Casper on Saturday for the 2022 Downtown Casper Christmas Parade.

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It was snowy and it was cold and it was wet but it was also...beautiful. As snow cascaded down around the crowd of Casperites, numerous creatively-decorated floats drove down (or was it up?) 2nd Street, passing out candy, blasting Christmas music, waving, smiling, and singing loud for all to hear (which, as you may or may not know, is the best way to spread Christmas cheer.

There was a myriad of floats representing this year's parade theme: Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

There were dinosaurs and Fred Flinstone. There was The Grinch. There were doggos and mules and armadillos, oh my. Cousin Eddie was on hand, sure to let us know that the...ya know...was full.

There were also Coca-Cola Polar Bears, clowns, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and so much more. These creators went all out this year and the results were absolutely gorgeous. There were so. many. lights. It was perfect.

"Casper! You showed up!" said Gena Jensen, the Coordinator for the Casper Christmas Parade. "Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce staff, City workers, volunteers, sponsors, businesses, floats, and spectators for not letting the rain, cold, sleet, and snow ruin our community fun. It truly takes us all working together to make the parade this epic. There were 61 floats and only 2 didn't show. There was a whole lot of creativity with this year's theme - 'Past, Present, and Future.' The winners will be announced Monday! Thank you all for making memories; let's do it again next year!"

K2 Radio News was on-hand, recording the event in its entirety, which can be seen below:

We also snapped a few photos of the parade, to capture these creative floats in at least some of their glory (nothing beats being there live). Check them out below:

2022 Downtown Casper Christmas Parade Was a Winter Wonderland

While a light, but wet snow cascaded down around the city, the lighting of the David Street Station Community Christmas Tree ushered in the annual Downtown Casper Christmas Parade.

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