Wyoming fishermen, it's time to kick off the season with the first fishing tournament of the year, the Tough Man.  Here's a chance for you to catch a few trout and walleye and win cash prizes!

If you love fishing, like I do - and you're up for a little competitive challenge, then don't miss the Tough Man Tournament, put on by the North Platte Walleyes Unlimited this weekend at Alcova Reservoir.

There are lots of opportunities to win cash prizes doing what you enjoy - fishing!

This years Tough Man Tournament is Saturday, April 25th and kicks off with a captains meeting, boat inspections and check in happening at the Casper Boat Club starting at 6am.

The Tough Man Tournament Registration Deadline is Wednesday, April 22nd (or you will be subject to late entry fees).

How much money can I win?  This is dependent on the number of teams registered for the Tough Man Tournament.  The planned payout will be 80% of the total pot - paid out to the top 4 heaviest walleyes, top 3 heaviest trout and one cash prize for most non-game fish.

If you'd like to compete in the tournament this weekend, contact the North Platte Walleyes Unlimited ASAP as you need to get your paid registration submitted by Wednesday, April 22nd - CLICK HERE.