Measure your walleye correctly or face a possible fine.

That's a message going out to any one fishing on Glendo reservoir from the Casper Area Game and Fish Offices.

"This is specific to Glendo, where, in 2010, a length limit went into place on walleye so any walleye under 15 inches have to be returned to the water."

Game and Fish spokesperson, Robin Kepple, says they did that in order to increase the size of walleye harvested by anglers in the future.

However, many anglers are not measuring their fish correctly.  She says game wardens recently issued three citations at Glendo for walleye that were under the 15-inch limit and the violations come with a $120 fine.

"Anglers just need to be very careful, when fishing in an area that has a size limit for fish that the fish is going to be the proper size. If your not measuring it right and you think its 15 inches and the Warden comes by and your a quarter inch short it could get you a citation."

Kepple says the best way to measure is to use a measuring board.  "To use the board you want to butt the fishes nose right up to the vertical part of the board and then squeeze the fishes tail, and that actually is to your benefit when you squeeze the tail, because it adds a bit of length to the fish."

She says Wyoming Game and Fish have  also produced a video thats demonstrates how to properly measure a fish.

Click here for a link to the Wyoming Game and Fish Website,




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