Informed voting may be a greater challenge for Natrona County voters this time around.

The Casper city council chambers is the only venue in town that offers access to a cable channel for broadcasting events that introduce candidates running for local offices. Past forums were non-partisan and hosted by The League of Women Voters.

League member, Carol Crump, says the change in city policy comes after the city was approach by a partisan group asking for access to the venue. Crump says the city has opted to close access to the facility until a clear guideline is created for eligibility.

This Thursday the League holds a school board candidate forum in the Natrona County Public Library's Crawford room, but Crump suggests room size may be an issue.

"There's only 115 people who can legally be in the space and normally our school board forums draw a very large crowd. So, I'm concerned that people will be turned away."

Crump, who also acts as moderator at the forums, says cable access also meant allowing phoned or texted questions, "and I was able to work those in, to give everybody that wanted to an opportunity to really take part in the forum."

Crump says the League of Women Voters have received lots of calls asking why they are not offering the usual opportunities to get to know candidates. She says its an unfortunate turn of events so close to a major election and won't likely be addressed before then.