A new internet service provider called Bluepeak will soon be available to the people of Casper.
Casper residents in the area east of Wyoming Boulevard and north of Westcott Drive will be the first to have the new internet service provider available to them, with construction heading south next. Those interested can confirm service availability with their address on mybluepeak.com.
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A recent email from Bluepeak shared:
After moving to the area in 2019, Casperite Mike Barrett found CenturyLink and Spectrum in the Equality State weren’t delivering what he had grown used to when he lived near Bakersfield, Calif.
“They had very low speeds,” he said. “Sometimes we’d get the circle of death – the spinning, buffering wheel – on the TV while we were trying to watch a movie. We transitioned to an all-streaming household and would get pauses and intermittent service.”
In 2020, Mike’s family resorted to rationing internet bandwidth to help his wife, Julia, when her job turned into remote work, overnight. Julia – a Casper native, University of Wyoming alum and now elementary school teacher – needed every megabit they could squeeze out of their previous connection to navigate remote learning through the pandemic, according to the email.
Mike, Julia, and their two children still living in the house, needed something more to meet the demands of their household and, according to Mike, they have found that in Bluepeak. The Barrett family has been trying out the fiber internet provider for free while the company did final tests before launching the service on Aug. 25.
With the Barrett’s free service period coming to an end, would they recommend Bluepeak to others in Casper?
“One hundred percent,” said Mike.
Mike’s experience is backed up by the data on internet in Wyoming. According to broadbandnow.com, Wyoming ranks 43rd in the nation based on internet coverage, speed and availability.
Elsewhere in Wyoming, Bluepeak continues to build out it’s $80 million network expansion in LaramieSheridan and Rock Springs, with service already available to Cheyenne residents.

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