As announced in a press release, the internet company Bluepeak has launched its fiber internet service in Casper after investing $24 million to bring its fiber network to nearly 24,000 homes and businesses in Casper.

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Rich Fish, Bluepeak’s CEO, said in the release:

"The great folks of the Oil City have waited too long for fast, reliable, affordable internet service and we’re excited to be part of the solution for them," Fish said. "Our fiber-to-the-home network expansion here is owed to the great work and ongoing partnership with Casper city officials, who we’ve worked closely with every step of the way."

According to the release, those around Wyoming Boulevard and north of Westcott Drive will be the first to have service available to them, with construction moving south after that.

Mike Barrett was the first person in Casper that Bluepeak connected with on July 22, and he said in the release:

"Bluepeak has been a breath of fresh air," Barrett said. "We’ve exceeded what our previous two providers – combined – said they could provide for bandwidth. We’re four or five times faster since we’ve got Bluepeak."


Wyoming currently ranks 43rd in the country for internet coverage, speed, and availability, according to

Bluepeak plans to provide internet to communities in Laramie, Sheridan, and Rock Springs this fall.

It has already made its service already available to Cheyenne residents and has announced expansion markets into Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Jesse Granger, Director Of Communications with Bluepeak, said that the installations in Casper will take place over the next two to three years, that they have so far had nine people sign up since they first began installing on Aug. 25, and that they don't currently plan on providing services to other parts of Natrona County.

In Cheyenne, which Bluepeak began installing in January, they currently have over 900 customers.

Granger said that while Bluepeak had originally planned on investing $70 million in Wyoming, with plans to also install in Rock Springs, that number has increased to $80 million, which they've raised through private equity.

The plans Bluepeak is offering include $50 for one-gigabyte upload and download, $65 for two gigabytes, and $100 for five gigabytes.

Granger said that they've heard a lot of great things from the people they have installed for, as they hope to be able to provide better internet for places that don't have many options.

"We've some really great feedback from customers. They talk about streaming without buffering anymore, listening to podcasts without interruption, and working and learning from home without having to worry about outages," Granger said. "So the response has been fantastic...The whole idea behind Bluepeak is we started this business from the perspective that the size of the city shouldn't determine the quality of your technology."

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