K2 Radio News published a story Saturday concerning a shooting drill to be held by Natrona County Schools as part of the A.L.I.C.E. training program.

The story was gleaned from an internal memo from the school in question. We did not name it in case the administrators wanted some element of surprise retained for the drill.

What made it noteworthy was the fact that the drill was to include simulated gunfire, a fact we felt parents should know.

The district now says that the simulated gunfire is not a part of the drill, and sent a note to parents indicating the story was not accurate.

Here is the pertinent part of the original internal email…


And here is the email the district sent out today.

 Parents and Guardians, It was recently shared that all NCSD schools would be holding an active shooter drill this week. Please note, this report is not accurate, there is not a district wide drill. The drill is occurring at one specific school in the district and is part of their ongoing ALICE preparations. If your child’s school will be holding a similar drill a direct communication will be sent home to parents/guardians with more detailed information about the drill at your child's school. The components of the drill will vary based on the level of school your child attends. A drill at the elementary level will look much different than that of a secondary school setting. Additionally, active shooter drills will NOT have sounds of gunfire simulated and at no time will a device that looks like a gun will be part of the drill. An air horn or other sound machine will produce a loud sound as part of the drill.

No indication was given as to why the simulated gunshots were excluded from the proposed drill.

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