The Natrona County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in finding whoever allegedly set off two explosions about a month ago.

Between March 30 and April 7, someone detonated what is believed to have been Tannerite -- a brand of exploding targets used for firearms practice -- and damaged an outhouse near Pathfinder to the tune $2,000.

Then, from April 14-17, another explosion damaged the side of a large shelter in the Alcova area, causing roughly $300 worth of damage.

Sgt. Aaron Shatto told reporters Thursday two spent shell casings from a rifle were found near the site of the explosion near Pathfinder.

What appeared to be bullet holes were found in wood near the site of the Alcova explosion. Shatto also said the same person or people likely caused both incidents.

Tannerite is apparently the explosive used in both cases.

Anyone with information on the explosions is asked to call the Natrona County Sheriff's Office at 307-235-9282.

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