Hunters and other outdoor recreationists have been disappointed for the second time recently regarding access to areas of Muddy Mountain. A decision by the State Lands and Investment Board not to acquire property on the mountain's backside has triggered a movement to find other ways of securing access. Of specific interest is the 4500 acre Boston/Davis Ranch.

Robert Wharff is Executive Director of Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife and he's called a meeting for Saturday.

"I've asked a few of the land trust groups, private foundations, and some of the conservation groups to come and basically have a public meeting to explain the other processes that are available to the public. Hopefully to see if we can't figure out a way to meet the landowners objectives and satisfy the the community's desire to secure the property for access for hunting and for recreation."

Wharff says he hopes to discuss options for purchasing the recreational rights of the 4500 acre Boston/Davis Ranch. Wharff says his group and others saw the governmental decision, not to purchase the ranch, as a lost opportunity. On Saturday he wants to gauge interest in a purchase that would secure recreational access. Wharff estimates the land value at around 7.5 million.

That informational meeting and panel discussion is tomorrow, Saturday April 30th, 4-7 pm in Durham Hall at Casper College.