The Wyoming Mining Association has weighed in on the governor's race. They issued this press release today...

'The Wyoming Mining Association (WMA) has announced its support of Matt Mead for Governor. This early endorsement recognizes the leadership of Governor Mead in developing a Wyoming energy policy, taking a stand against federal overreach and pursuing new markets for Wyoming coal, said Jonathan Downing, Executive Director of the WMA.

“The WMA believes Matt Mead is the only candidate in this race qualified to keep both Wyoming and the industry moving forward. He is a strong and thoughtful leader,” Downing said.

The Wyoming Mining Association credits Mead with protecting jobs, the completion of significant coal leases and working against the Environmental Protection Agency’s unreasonable regulatory dictates.

The Wyoming mining industry contributes over $6.3 billion to the state’s economy each year, and pays taxes that keep individual tax burdens low. The WMA looks forward to continuing to work with Governor Mead to keep Wyoming on top as an energy producing state.'