UPDATE: Ramona Manthei pleaded guilty in Natrona County District Court at her arraignment today, March 22, before Judge Daniel Forgey.

In exchange for her guilty plea the prosecuting attorneys agreed to ask the judge at sentencing for 4-6 years imprisonment, suspended in lieu of 3 years probation with a cold plea provision in place.

This would run concurrent with the probation she is currently serving. Assitant Kevin Taheri commented that Manthei previously served 180 days in prison in Oklahoma in 1989.

Manthei's daughter, Mari Manthei-Robinson was charged in the same conspiracy. She, too, appeared in Natrona County District Court this morning for an arraignment. The daughter entered not guilty pleas before the court, which Forgey accepted.


A Mills woman has been charged with a felony for fentanyl conspiracy, according to the information read to her during initial appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Ramona Manthei, 80, heard the count from Circuit Court Judge Brian Christiansen.

Conviction of a felony fentanyl conspiracy is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment, Christiansen said.

Assistant District Attorney Sam Forshner recommended a 30,000 cash or surety bond.

Forshner said she "played a significant role in speaking with other folks in this charge."

He added that she is a current parolee and previously served 15 years, which Manthei believed was for conspiracy to manufacture amphetamines in 1989.

The affidavit is not currently available.

Christiansen agreed to a 30,000 cash or surety bond.

Manthei will have a preliminary hearing in 10 days if she does not bond out of jail and 20 days if she does.

In the preliminary hearing, the state will present evidence that a crime was committed and that Manthei probably committed it. If a judge agrees with the state, she will be bound over to Natrona County District Court for trial.

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