A Casper man was arrested Wednesday for doing the wrong thing in the wrong place. A man was riding his bike through CrossRoads City Park when he says he saw 36-year-old Christopher Edwards on a park bench, completely naked and pleasuring himself. He appeared to be watching pornography on his cell phone, and ignored requests to stop.

Police were called and when officers arrived, they reported Edwards hastily put on his trousers, but nothing else. They also report finding an open bottle of baby oil, pornographic material, and porn still playing on his dropped cell phone.

The bench was stained with baby oil and possibly bodily fluids, and the outline of his naked body was evident on the bench.

After being read his rights, police report Edwards told them he simply liked doing this in public, and had spent 5 years in jail for doing it too close to a school.

In fact, Edwards is a Lifetime Registered Sex Offender with the State of Wyoming, but up until August 4th, he had complied with the state's oversight.

He stipulated, according to police, that for him it wasn’t about doing it in front of children, simply being in public.

Edwards is in the Natrona County Jail charged with public indecency and in the case of the bench, property damage.

Edwards plead guilty to the charges, and has been sentenced to 6 months with all but 5 days suspended, followed by an additional 6 months suspended sentence with one year of probation.