One may be the loneliest number or so says Three Dog Night, but it sure would have felt better than the double-digit negative temperatures recorded across much of central and western Wyoming on Thursday morning, according to the Facebook page of the National Weather Service in Riverton.

The high pressure and clear skies brought the second consecutive morning of the frigid
temperatures, according to the National Weather Service.

Taking top, or rather bottom, honors was minus 36 in Daniel in Sublette County, followed by minus 34 in Grant Village in Yellowstone National Park, followed by Fossil Butte National Monument in Lincoln County with minus 31.

More than two dozen places registered in the minus 20 range, with Boulder Rearing Station southeast of Daniel in Sublette County just topping that list at minus 29. Three other Sublette places also posted minus 20 temperatures.

Teton County and Yellowstone National Park had eight places coming in the minus 20 readings, led by Snake River at minus 28 and then Moran at minus 27. Old Faithful might have looked like Old Snow Cone at minus 26.

Yellowstone in Park County also fared well in the minus 20 range with the northeast entrance at minus 25 followed by Canyon 1 Southwest and Lamar Ranger Station each at minus 22.

Closer to home, Natrona County did frigidly well with Alcova at minus 24 and Independence Rock at minus 20.

Riverton was the only place Fremont County that registered minus 20, with nine other locations in the county listing in the minus teens.

Other counties with places in the minus teens included Big Horn, Hot Springs, Johnson, Lincoln -- just missing the minus 20 category at minus 19 in Thayne, Natrona, Park, Sublette -- only Pinedale was in the minus teens because the county took top honors with other places in the minus 20s and 30s, Sweetwater, Teton and Washakie.

The National Weather Service in Riverton thanked its sources with their equipment and exposures, although it added a minor cautionary note.

"We thank all volunteer weather observers for their dedication," the Weather Service said. "Not all data listed are considered official."

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