Also known as the Harvest Moon, the last supermoon of 2023 will rise on Friday, Sep. 29.

From Wyoming, the fully illuminated moon will rise at around 07:08 PM MST and set the following day at around 07:07 AM MST, according to In the Sky.

"Following the full moon, which will be located in the Pisces constellation, the lunar face will recede, a process astronomers call "waning." After that, Earth's natural satellite will head toward its next intriguing phase, turning into a completely dark new moon on Oct. 14, which will mark the start of a new 29.5-day lunar cycle."

Researching supermoon mythos I learned that many believe they can cause disasters. While not all natural disasters take place around full moon phase...research suggests the pull can affect its impact if something is already happening.

Is the Supermoon on Jan. 4, 1912 to blame for 'Titanic'?

Some researchers propose that the unusually close position of the moon in January 1912 could have triggered powerful oceanic tides, causing a high concentration of icebergs in the North Atlantic region.

The supermoon was the most powerful moon in 1400 years! At the same time, the Earth was at its closest to the sun, a phenomenon known as perihelion, so the gravitational forces of both the moon and the sun were greatly enhanced prior to the tragedy.

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