It's no secret Casper has some serious artistic talent.

Just drive around and you're likely to see something that catches your eye: murals, statues...even the electrical boxes!

Casper's known to host the Chalk Fest on its sidewalks downtown, and even the snow becomes a medium for creative-types around these parts.

Last week K2Radio News interviewed the self-proclaimed "Sand-Castle Lady" about a snow sculpture she made of a giant fire pit and marshmallow, so we were stunned to learn  that there's another snow sculpturer flexing their snowy-know-how in Natrona County.

A Casper man spent the last two nights, "around 6 hours total," building a giant dragon for his friend, Harvey.

Jeremy Randles was outside this morning fixing the sculpture after the brief rainfall Casper received.

You can see it for yourself at 2060 Linda Vista Drive in Casper.

"He's Sleepy" Jeremy Randles Courtesy
"He's Sleepy;" Jeremy Randles Courtesy

He did a unicorn for Harvey last year, but it melted so quickly he wanted to make another one for him and his daughter this year.

Making snow sculptures is something Randles has been doing for a few years.

"I enjoy the snow, really. I go out and shovel snow and play with it when I'm done."

Jeremy Randles Courtesy
Jeremy Randles Courtesy
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K2Radio News asked him how he comes up with his ideas.

"The snow pretty much tells me what it wants to be" said Randles.

"I just start piling snow and working it and shaking it" and from there it takes form.

He said he did a gorilla a couple days ago that he named "Grape Ape" as it was colored in purple.

Jeremy Randles Courtesy
Jeremy Randles Courtesy

Randles said he especially loves the coloring process.

Randles uses food coloring in a fertilizer spray bottle to bring his creations to life.

"This might be the biggest one I've ever done" said Randles of the dragon.

It's easily 9' long. He thinks the tallest one he's ever done was the unicorn last year.

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